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Miss Munroe

Sexual Educator + Sacred Sensuality Practitioner + Tantric Mistress=

Professional Companion

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Professional Companion:

"Someone who provides therapeutic attention, sexual and otherwise, for emotional support, relaxation, education, connection and release. In a comfortable, inviting and alluring space, the companion hosts a nurturing and safe container. The role goes beyond the physical - encompassing emotional validation, spiritual experiences, and a deep sense of inter-relatedness that leave the client satisfied and cared for."

                                                           Miss Munroe


Why Book With Me?  Practice Makes Perfect, and Let's Just Say I've Been Practicing A Lot!


A Session with Me is An Investment in You. I'm Worth It.... Are You?

Who Can Play?

Miss Munroe's 'Classroom' is Open to all Genders, (Consensual) Ages, and Body Types!

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